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Article 1

These general conditions of sale, rental, delivery and delivery apply to all orders.

The customer accepts by the mere fact of his order.

Deviations from these conditions, even appearing on documents of possible representatives, are not enforceable unless written confirmation from us.

In this case, the sales conditions remain applicable on all points except one or derogated. It is for MVS-SECURITY BVBA the right to make partial shipments and billings. The amount of these bills are payable on delivery or date of each partial or complete invoice. The customer who does not agree with this clause must announce by registered mail.

Article 2

Offers and confirmation orders

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by us, tenders and specifications are valid only as simple information.

Any claim due to possible or alleged inaccuracy control must, under penalty of foreclosure, reach the company within eight days of confirmation.

If out of stock, we have the right to offer an equivalent item or refund.

We can at any time without notice to delete your order.

Article 3

Delivery delay

The periods of delivery mentioned are purely indicative and do not commit. No delay in delivery can engage the responsibility of MVS-SECURITY SPRL and give rise to compensation, fines, total or partial cancellation of contracts and orders or purchases for account, there was no prior written consent.

The goods, even sent Franco, at the risk of the recipient

Article 4

Property Reserves

The ownership of the goods sold pass to the buyer only after acquisition of the total amounts due from it the head of the delivery, including any fees, interest and penalties.

The buyer shall in no case have the goods that have not yet fully paid, and specifically it may transfer the property to third parties or pledge them.

The leased equipment is used under the full responsibility of the tenant, which is responsible for any amounts due to SABAM or any other company representing copyright.

Article 5

Responsibility Data

MVS-SECURITY SPRL can not be held liable in the event of data loss (EX: email, backup, documents, photos, contacts, etc ...) related to repair your equipment or a malfunction of our equipment.

Article 6

Responsibility garntie

Goods are warranted against defects apparent and subject to the warranty of the manufacturer or the importer. The warranty period runs from the date on which the goods were delivered or should have been removed.

The claims are admissible only if they are addressed during this period, by registered letter to the office of the company.

No warranty can be made in case of visible defects, if the goods have already been worked or processed: for non visible defects, if the instructions indicated by MVS-SECURITY SPRL, by the manufacturer or importer does has not followed or if the goods have not been used adequately.

If the claim is acknowledged justified, subject to a guarantee from the importer or manufacturer, the MVS-SECURITY BVBA obligations shall be limited exclusively to the replacement or free repair of the delivered goods or their defective parts without being held to any compensation of any head whatsoever.

Article 7

Payments Sales

Unless otherwise written stipulations from us, payment must be made at no cost to the company, net without discount, including taxes, in cash. Foreclosure penalty: any undisputed invoice within a week will be considered as accepted.

Any invoice not paid when due will produce ipso jure interest at 15% per annum without formal notice.

Failure to pay an invoice, to demand immediate payment of the account debit balance.

In case of non-payment of the amount owed default interest, within fifteen days of date of dispatch of a registered reminder letter, any bill payment delays bring law up 10% of the invoice amount , with a minimum of 125 eur.

In case of late payments on previous shipments, MVS-SECURITY SPRL reserves the right, contrary to its normal payment terms require payment against delivery of any subsequent delivery.

Orders from new customers must be paid CASH GRAND, delivery of goods and for six months after the first delivery.

Article 8

Particular hiring conditions.

Order: This contract was issued in duplicate command value and personal liability of the signatory of the abduction.

State of the material: The tenant acknowledges receipt of the material in perfect condition.

The tenant declares to know perfectly how to use the equipment and agrees to use it in good father. He is prohibited from making any changes whatsoever.

In case of failure, only the lessor is authorized to make repairs. If these are required by the negligence of the tenant or are in an accident, the repairs are billed in addition to the rent. The replacement of a defective part may result in termination or a pretext for an action for damages or reduction in rent unless extended outage and in case MVS-SECURITY SPRL could not replace the unit on loan. MVS-SECURITY BVBA shall in no event be liable for any damage caused by a defective rental unit.

Article 9

Damaged equipment.

The lessee shall bear all risk of loss or damage to the rented equipment, whatever the causes, and any damage arising from the use of the unit rented vis-à-vis all persons or generally any property, There being no exception. It expressly waives all claims against the lessor under this head regardless of the person claiming.

The tenant is obliged to ensure at its own expense the equipment leased to its replacement value against all destruction or any damage as well as against theft, is third, equipment failure, all rental risks as well as limited liability. The lease will not be suspended and will keep all its effects pending the repair or replacement of damaged or stolen equipment.

In case of accident or theft, or companies will pay directly to the lessor the planned benefits.

Any missing equipment (including accessories and wiring) is considered new and the customer will be charged at list price in effect to date (including VAT).

Article 10


The tenant is obliged to immediately notify the landlord by registered letter in case all or part of the leased equipment:

- Would be seized by a third party. The tenant is also obliged to notify the arresting party that the material affected by the entry belongs to the lessor.

- Would be involved in an accident that caused injuries to people or property or in an action of civil and / or criminal.

- Would be requisitioned, borrowed, stolen or suffer damage from any cause.

The obligation to defend justice and all costs resulting will be charged to the tenant. However, it must give the landlord all the documents and all the details that he deems necessary.

Failing to be owner of the building or installed equipment for rent, the tenant shall deliver to the lessor, owner's name, the pledgee, mortgage or privileged to any customary notification can be made .

Article 11


The attention of the Tenant is drawn particularly on clauses applicable under Belgian law, in particular by the Law on copyright of 22.3.1988 and 7.30.1979, and on the orders of execution for transmissions radio.

Article 12


The tenant agrees to pay the costs of setting up the facility, which is payable to the payment of the first monthly rent. Rent to reach MVS-SECURITY SPRL on the agreed date each month and the tenant should consider the bank transfer possible.

In case of non payment at maturity, as with the sales contract, subject to a possible resolution of the lease, the amounts due that are not paid within 15 days of sending a notice by registered mail would be increased by right by 15% with a minimum of 40 eur as an irreducible lump sum compensation for court costs. With interest should be fixed at 20% per annum.

Article 13


The foregoing provisions have no waiver of MVS-SECURITY BVBA to demand at its option, in case of non payment, the cancellation of the sale with allocation of damages. If the sale would be resolved in part or as a result of any fault or default of the buyer, it would be liable for the costs incurred for the loss suffered by MVS-SECURITY SPRL, compensation fixed and irreducible equal to 20% of the sale amount or a determined part of it without prejudice to the right to MVS-SECURITY SPRL to claim reimbursement of expenses that should be expose to gain possession goods and return them to their original condition.

As well regarding the lease, the tenant, after termination of the lease, would also be liable for costs incurred, and the loss of an irreducible and lump sum equal to 20% of the rental amount.

Article 14


The device retention period that is entrusted to us remains free 1 month after the date of repair, after six months it will be considered abandoned by the customer on our behalf without any compensation borne by our company. This does not mean that our society would have no right to payment of outstanding charges. Following a denial of an estimate, our cost of studies or examinations are charged based on the time actually PRESTE plus VAT

Article 15

Conferment of powers

All disputes to which this Convention would have resulted are exclusively subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Namur.